Jeremy Barnum - Jan 16, 2024 Form 4 Insider Report for JPMORGAN CHASE & CO (JPM)

Chief Financial Officer
/s/ Holly Youngwood under POA
Stock symbol
Transactions as of
Jan 16, 2024
Transactions value $
Form type
Date filed
1/18/2024, 04:34 PM
Previous filing
Jan 16, 2024

Derivative Securities (e.g., puts, calls, warrants, options, convertible securities)

Type Sym Class Transaction Value $ Shares Change % Price $ Shares After Date Underlying Class Amount Exercise Price Ownership Footnotes
transaction JPM Restricted Stock Units +Grant/Award $0 +25,723 $0.00 25,723 Jan 16, 2024 Common Stock 25,723 Direct F1, F2, F3, F4

Explanation of Responses:

Id Content
F1 Consistent with last year, Restricted Stock Units (RSUs) represent 50% of the Reporting Person's equity-based compensation for performance year 2023, with the remaining 50% awarded in the form of Performance Share Units (PSUs).
F2 Each RSU represents a contingent right to receive one share of JPMC common stock.
F3 Equity incentives are subject to the JPMorgan Chase Bonus Recoupment Policy which applies in the event of a material restatement of the Firm's financial statements. In addition, all equity awards granted in 2024 contain recapture provisions that enable the Firm to cancel outstanding awards and/or recover the value of certain stock distributed under the award in specified circumstances. In addition to recapture provisions, portions of equity awards granted to Operating Committee members are also subject to additional Protection-based Vesting provisions under which awards may be cancelled, any determination with respect to which is subject to ratification by the Compensation & Management Development Committee of the Board of Directors.
F4 RSUs vest 50% on January 13, 2026 and 50% on January 13, 2027.